Individual Therapy

Do you feel stuck, anxious, sad, or lost? Would you like to work on yourself, heal and live according to your full potential?

Couples and Relationships

Would you like to build connection, improve communication, strengthen friendship and intimacy and develop relational commitment?

Children and Family

Do you feel that you have tried everything as a parent? Are you worried about your child or adolescent? Are there issues affecting the health and function of your family?

Groups And Workshops

Would you like the support and encouragement from community?  Do you feel alone in your struggles?


Do you feel like you don’t quite need therapy, but would benefit from speaking with a professional to improve performance or meet certain goals?


Are you a graduate student or masters level clinician seeking supervision for independent licensure?


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Have you experienced trauma or other disturbing life events and would like a peaceful resolution?

Animal Assisted Therapy

Do animals provide you with a sense of calm or comfort? Would you like our trained dog, Neo in your session? Would you like to inquire about bringing your own animal with you?

Virtual Therapy

Do you live in Pennsylvania or Maryland? Would you like the convenience of receiving therapy from your home or office?

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So You May Live with your Whole Being